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aquatint / акватинта
имя существительное
имя существительное
a print resembling a watercolor, produced from a copper plate etched with nitric acid.
A recent exhibit of his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art featured his carborundum prints, his etchings, lithographs, aquatints and watercolors.
create (a print) using the aquatint process.
In several prints, texts are etched across aquatinted backgrounds in which ghostly, half-remembered realities float.
To start with; the first tones to the plate are given with line etching, drypoint, aquatint , softground, photocopy transfer or roulette.
This year's event will feature the work of 30 artists from as far afield as Holland and Spain covering an array of subjects from angels to seahorses and a variety of techniques from linocut to aquatint .
In both etching and aquatint , the artist begins by coating a copperplate with an acid-resistant ‘ground.’
He uses an array of printing techniques - wood block, linocut, lithograph, drypoint, etching, silkscreen, and aquatint - and has experimented with specific images in different media.
There is a great variety of intaglio methods, the oldest being engraving, as well as etching, drypoint, soft-ground etching, aquatint , mezzotint, stipple engraving, and the crayon manner.
With sprite aquatint , the acid is painted directly onto the aquatint ground of an etching plate.
He relied upon his experience in etching and aquatint to establish the overall play of light and shadow and to communicate clearly the anatomical and botanical details needed to insure scientific accuracy.
This process involves etching, engraving, dry point, aquatint , mezzotint, linocut and wood block.
The intaglio printmaking techniques are engraving, drypoint, etching, aquatint , stipple, mezzotint and are discussed in part two of this article.
Etching, aquatint , silkscreen, lithography and woodcut are among the processes represented in the approximately 125 works in this show.