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aquatic / водный, водяной
имя прилагательное
water, aqueous, aquatic, hydrous, overwater, Neptunian
water, aquatic, aqueous, watery, liquid
имя существительное
водяное животное
водяное растение
aquatic, hydrophyte
любитель водного спорта
имя прилагательное
of or relating to water.
The second phase includes an aquatic center with water slides, and a third phase includes an auditorium that can be converted into an indoor soccer facility.
имя существительное
an aquatic plant or animal, typically one suitable for a pond or aquarium.
Most aquatics grow best when planted in wide, shallow containers that you submerge in the pond.
sports played in or on water.
Among the sports the athletes will play are athletics, aquatics , tennis, five-a-side football, volleyball and bocce.
Staff at a Sheffield poultry firm, a farmer in Jedburgh and employees at an aquatic shop in Newcastle upon Tyne all escaped unscathed.
In summer, aquatic insects, other aquatic invertebrates, and some plant material are eaten.
An aquatic centre, due for completion in 2006, will provide two 50-metre pools and other facilities, whether or not the London Olympics bid succeeds.
The aquatic sports do not have to face the issues surrounding gravity and its impact upon them.
The general consensus seems to be that this particular aquatic adventure is too water logged for its own good.
I mean this is a great sport for the Olympics, they've got these wonderful aquatic centres built for every Olympics, you'd love to be in one of those, wouldn't you?
It is sad that a sport, ranking in importance and prestige second only to track and field, has to become what it is in the contest of aquatic sports in Sri Lanka.
Tomorrow, he might be considered the finest performer in the history of aquatic sports.
The riverfront can be an aquatic center, complete with speedboats for water skiing.
In Bali the rice terraces have dried up in order to make aquatic sport for the white-water rafting tourists.