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aquarium / аквариум
имя существительное
имя существительное
a transparent tank of water in which fish and other water creatures and plants are kept.
On the whole, it's a gift in the hands of those who were fed up of purchasing the typical type of aquaria with just water and fishes.
We got a beautiful aquarium and everything to go with it from fish and plant friendly chemicals to plants and rocks.
The foundation, which helps make the dreams of poorly boys and girls come true, arranged for Chloe to meet some dolphins at an aquarium in Benidorm.
In Swakopmund the ministry is located in the double-storey beach-front building next to the aquarium .
A temperature of 28 to 32 degree Celsius was maintained in the aquarium and the fish adapted to it.
If you have a saltwater tank or freshwater plant aquarium , just ignore me.
Nickie works at an aquarium as a dolphin trainer and speeds around town on his super-sweet motorcycle.
He was much more at home in rumpled khakis or a wet suit and in the aquarium with the dolphins.
The grinning Michael beckoned me over the side and we stepped into a shallow aquarium of sun-warmed transparency.
The orchids were delicate and beautiful and the aquarium and aquatic plants awesome.
Beginning May 1, he will live seven days under water, trapped inside a human aquarium .