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aquamarine / аквамарин, цвет морской волны, зеленовато-голубой цвет
имя существительное
цвет морской волны
celadon, aquamarine, sea-green
зеленовато-голубой цвет
имя прилагательное
цвета морской волны
aquamarine, sea-green
имя существительное
a precious stone consisting of a light bluish-green variety of beryl.
Again, it is assumed that readers know aquamarine is beryl, amethyst is quartz, and Iceland spar is calcite but cannot grapple with the complexity of remembering that spessartine and grossular are garnets.
In a brief but dazzling flash of sumptuous vermilion and aquamarine , the kingfisher was gone, darting out of sight beneath the willows which brush the cool, clear waters of the Little Stour.
the aquamarine of the Atlantic Ocean
The aquamarine colour of the water glowed from the pools lights and reflected on the walls, making it the only source of light in the room.
Single aquamarine crystals, both cloudy and gem clear, have been found as float on the alpine slopes.
Eye colour can vary from bright green through to aquamarine or dark blue.
The colors ranged from pale blue to aquamarine to dark green, and there were dark brown or black strands woven throughout.
There are walking paths down through olive and citrus groves to the Mediterranean where you can strip off and swim in the aquamarine water.
He states that the varieties of beryl are aquamarine , emerald, morganite, and red beryl, but he does not mention heliodor (a.k.a. golden beryl) and goshenite.
Your lucky colour is aquamarine and you have absolutely no chance of winning the lottery.
They left us as the cobalt blue waters of the deep changed to aquamarine above the massed reefs of coral.