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aqua / вода, жидкость, раствор
имя существительное
water, aqua, backwash, vacuity, water bewitched, Adam's ale
liquid, fluid, liquor, aqua, dip
solution, liquor, solute, matrix, aqua
имя существительное
a light bluish-green color; aquamarine.
houses of yellow and aqua
relating to water.
aqua blue
That's when we log on, make sure that designer flyswatter is still in stock and that shirt is available in light aqua , and place our order.
aqua blue
When shopping, go for hot colors such as pink, aqua blue, yellow, apple green, and lavender.
‘And in a range of colours from fuchsia to orange, yellow to aqua ,’ she adds.
houses of yellow and aqua
The sky was waning from a light and pale blue to a richer aqua and many of the villages were now emerging from the lengthening shadows.
Other colors such as golden, red, beige and aqua blue were too often repeated and, therefore, not quite challenging.
She was entranced by his eyes which shimmered different shades of blue and aqua , which immediately made her think of the sea on a clear sunny day.
Bright orange, pink, aqua blue, purple and gold are some of the ‘good bye to conservative’ shades visible in the collections.