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aptitude / способности, способность, пригодность
имя существительное
aptitude, head, part
ability, capacity, power, capability, faculty, aptitude
fitness, suitability, availability, aptitude, applicability, aptness
tendency, propensity, inclination, penchant, addiction, aptitude
relevance, appropriateness, propriety, relevancy, pertinence, aptitude
имя существительное
a natural ability to do something.
he had a remarkable aptitude for learning words
suitability or fitness.
aptitude of expression
Most teens' natural aptitude for interactivity is what often sets them apart from older generations.
Except sometimes I completely lose my inborn aptitude for sleeping for excessively long stretches.
But Brad never got his sea legs, showing an early aptitude for skating on ice rather than sailing on water.
Discovering you have a natural talent or aptitude for something feels good.
Not everyone has the aptitude or ability to do everything.
My only assumption is that an aptitude for law school exists and that it can, to some extent, be measured.
I am asked for my view on the Olympic Games, which is that they affirm the British aptitude for sports that involve sitting down.
Saul senses in Eliza a natural aptitude for mysticism, blossoming from the way in which the letters seem to appear to her in a vision.
In fact, even when immersed in play writing, he had betrayed his aptitude for philosophical ideas and concepts.
He has leadership ability and the aptitude to learn from mistakes.