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apropos / по поводу, кстати, относительно
по поводу
apropos, relatively
apropos, appositely, pat, to the purpose
relatively, about, concerning, over, comparatively, apropos
имя прилагательное
suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, apropos
timely, opportune, early, seasonable, forehanded, apropos
relevant, pertinent, opportune, apt, germane, apropos
имя прилагательное
very appropriate to a particular situation.
the composer's reference to child's play is apropos
used to state a speaker's belief that someone's comments or acts are unrelated to any previous discussion or situation.
Isabel kept smiling apropos of nothing
with reference to; concerning.
she remarked apropos of the initiative, “It's not going to stop the abuse.”
Just apropos of the last point about incorporated practitioners, Part 10 of the Legal Practice Act regulates that.
Here's an important point that several homeland security folks have reminded me about apropos of this story.
That's why ideas about the third culture are particularly apropos right now, as you are concentrating on scientists trying to take their case directly to the public.
The audience thinks the joke is on him, but the joke is on them, an apropos conclusion.
The lessons are more apropos than one might think.
Just apropos of the matters you have just raised about the conduct of solicitors, those, I think I am right in saying, am I not, are not the subject of any ground of appeal?
Suppose that after the first move has been played, we look around the board and determine apropos of each Power whether its first set of moves has been as expected, better than expected or worse than expected.
Surely this joke has been used elsewhere, but this was an apropos ending to the show…
As he acknowledges, it was a charge that was sometimes made against him, and at one point he says, apropos of the great Australia batsman, that top players have to be selfish.
This is all apropos of the fact that I just turned the corner into my office and suddenly got a strong whiff of yellow cake and brown custard.