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apron / фартук, передник, козырек
имя существительное
apron, skirting, pinafore, boot, dicky, dickey
apron, pinafore, pinner, save-all
visor, peak, apron, vizor, bill, windscreen
имя существительное
a protective or decorative garment worn over the front of one's clothes and tied at the back.
Wear gloves, aprons , and other protective clothing to keep your skin from coming in contact with oils, greases, and chemicals.
a small area adjacent to another larger area or structure.
a tiny apron of garden
an object resembling an apron in shape or function, in particular.
Some type of safety apron is also a very good idea.
The initiate returns wearing his apron .
The plane will then return to the apron over the winter before she moves to a purpose-built area within the viewing park next year.
The person in that photograph is standing in line with where the applicant's body was found on the concrete apron straight after the fall.
The brook trout lived in the deep pot outside that little apron of land.
This project calls for making a deep cut between the end of a runway and an apron .
But before he entered the ring, he stopped outside the apron and removed his leg.
When work begins in a few days, the small light aircraft apron will be closed.
This includes any lie except sand, from the apron , to within a 30 yard (approx.) radius.
The Shihmen Reservoir is best visited after a typhoon, when water shooting off its cement apron creates a waterfall effect.
Recently we asked the proprietor if we could rent or buy it and a small apron of land around in which to grown herbs.