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approve / утверждать, одобрять, санкционировать
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, approve
approve, endorse, welcome, applaud, sanction, countenance
authorize, sanction, approve, countenance, sanctify, approbate
officially agree to or accept as satisfactory.
the budget was approved by Congress
prove; show.
he approved himself ripe for military command
she doesn't approve of their methods
No citizen should feel that their equality before the law is dependent on their embrace of political views that we approve of.
I heartily approve of Roman numerals and support their use - provided it is in the right place and applied correctly.
they don't approve of women priests
In order to approve of his farewell testament she needed somehow to trash everything else he'd written.
I wasn't sure there was any part of my life she did approve of and it wasn't as if she believed in quiet disapproval.
I don't approve of romance
But this hardly means that we should approve of this, and actually urge the government to do it.
After all, what if the ideas that end up winning popular support don't happen to be ones that they approve of?
If they approve the proposals, the plans will go to the Scottish Executive for consideration.