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approval / утверждение, одобрение, согласие
имя существительное
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, proposition
OK, approval, approbation, okay, acceptance, favor
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, approval
имя существительное
the action of officially agreeing to something or accepting something as satisfactory.
the road plans have been given approval
stamps sent by request to a collector or potential customer.
If she were only his sister, I would say she was giving us permission and approval to court.
When it is a case of majority assent or approval , issues arise as to the effect on the minority.
I probably said something very good because he gave me a secret pat on my back with approval .
we all need approval
step-parents need to win a child's approval
I would hope that the west London lines would meet with approval and link up to Heathrow and Gatwick.
The liquidators consulted the liquidation committee and obtained its approval .
step-parents need to win a child's approval
approval process
Neither suggestion met with approval so I repaired to the kitchen to make coffee.