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appropriation / присвоение, ассигнование, назначение
имя существительное
assignment, appropriation, embezzlement, giving, conferment, assumption
appropriation, allocation, assignment
purpose, destination, appointment, administration, assignment, appropriation
имя существительное
the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.
the appropriation of parish funds
a sum of money or total of assets devoted to a special purpose.
So he's going to remind us that our homeland is more secure, but it needs to be even more secure yet, meaning appropriations of money.
After all, technologically ambitious image making has always developed in two complementary and competing paths: as overwhelming presentation in a public space and as private appropriation .
The bill called for a modest appropriation of five million dollars per year to launch the project.
I think there will be money in a supplemental appropriation as early as next week.
To make the appropriation of sale tax revenue more palatable, proponents labeled it a ‘sporting goods’ tax.
But if the rumours are true that all white pop music is watered-down corporate-led cynical appropriation of black culture, the suits have done a pretty good job in turning in a formula that works both ways.
Indeed, appropriation may be what her work is principally about: even the seeming originality of the digital elements depends on a prior image source.
More specifically, there are signs that the photographer put an idiosyncratic and skeptical spin on his appropriation of various graphic tactics and values.
American culture, the editors argue, has been developed in the ‘flux of appropriation and contrast from and with the margins of society.’
The compelling visuality of the work of art resists appropriation by either the cleverness of historical explanations or the eloquence of descriptive language.
‘It needn't be a vehicle for retribution, just somewhere where tales of white appropriation of black culture, not to mention outright theft, can finally be laid to rest’.