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approbation / апробация, одобрение, утверждение
имя существительное
OK, approval, approbation, okay, acceptance, favor
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, approbation
имя существительное
approval or praise.
the opera met with high approbation
There are no prizes for guessing what value he places on each: bourgeois is always a term of abuse, revolutionary almost always a term of approbation .
His participation in the parade implies acceptance, approval, approbation .
You cannot have two mega-personalities in a relationship where both are needy, egotistical, insecure and dependent on public approbation .
Practically, this could be difficult given security concerns and, I suspect, some fair general approbation in smaller, more conservative communities.
There is an unmistakable note of approbation here, even admiration; unusual for the museum except where the activist agenda is involved.
It is wholly unsurprising that in the macho world of sports that an item like this would gain attention and approbation .
Indeed, women's encouragement and approbation of violent acts in war have added to men's satisfaction in committing these acts.
The end result is an unremarkable, unmemorable movie that deserves neither praise nor approbation .
a term of approbation
However, Shakespeare's attempts to locate himself within a literary tradition were not always met with such approbation .