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approachable / доступный, достижимый, охотно идущий навстречу
имя прилагательное
available, accessible, approachable, patent, open, obtainable
attainable, achievable, reachable, accessible, obtainable, approachable
охотно идущий навстречу
имя прилагательное
friendly and easy to talk to.
managers should be approachable
(of a place) able to be reached from a particular direction or by a particular means.
at night parrotfish are approachable as they sleep in nooks and crannies on the reef
This pass, like much of the approachable areas of the Wall is visited by Chinese tourists fortunate to have enough free time for a cultural holiday.
The headland it was built on forms a natural stronghold with the sea on three sides and is only approachable from the north.
Unable to bear the thought of burying their loved one at sea, the heartbroken parents waited until later the next day when they found a small, approachable island, with a short gravel beach on which to land the ship.
She's like all the other hot dog vendors: friendly, approachable , warm.
It was impossible to reach from our bank through the trees, and approachable only from the trickiest of angles on the opposite side.
Once the other locals notice you are approachable and downright friendly fellows, they too may step up to help get you drunk.
In spite of the run-down facilities, the ma-and-pop owners and the friendliest and most approachable people in Hong Kong.
We want our nationbuilders to be open, approachable , and easy to communicate with.
More of his toothy grin, that's for sure, but he's a friendly and approachable guy regardless.
The tower was only approachable from the outside by climbing onto the roof of the mansion using a ladder.