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apprise / информировать, извещать, осведомлять
inform, apprise, enlighten, instruct, apprize
notify, inform, advise, announce, advertise, apprise
post, enlighten, apprise, post up, apprize
inform or tell (someone).
I thought it right to apprise Chris of what had happened
Commentators and politicians who took democracy seriously would try and apprise us of these complexities, admit to their own anxieties and offer us legitimate alternatives so we could make up our own mind.
Full disclosure of such potential conflict must be made to apprise the client of relevant facts so that the client is able to give his informed consent to transactions executed for the client, or to reject such transactions if he so desires.
I thought it right to apprise Chris of what had happened
Time was set aside each afternoon for informal meetings to apprise other staff members of the team's activities and progress.
I thought it right to apprise Chris of what had happened
I will tell him that this is a blow at the heart of democracy which the Commonwealth will not stand for, and apprise him of the numerous mechanisms through which it will make its displeasure felt.
He must have some way of apprising his followers of his whereabouts.
Likewise, readers are also apprised of how ambiguous a clue to morality deception may be.
When requested by a student, family members were apprised of the difficulties faced by the student.
I suppose perhaps the more relevant question which it is silent on is whether the Minister was apprised of the marriage.