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apprehend / задерживать, опасаться, понимать
delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, apprehend
fear, apprehend, dread, tremble
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, apprehend
arrest (someone) for a crime.
a warrant was issued but he has not been apprehended
understand or perceive.
great art invites us to apprehend beauty
It took her a few moments to apprehend she wasn't lying on the ground, but still on her feet thanks to Adrian's support.
Eventually, news reached the Captain, who dispatched a gunnery sergeant and a squad of Marines with non-defective handcuffs to apprehend her.
The police had simply formed an opinion as to where the woman was, and had gone to those premises to apprehend her.
These pleasures may help us to apprehend and understand such horrors, but they can only do so if they are entertaining.
Knowing, by contrast, refers to mental states' faculty to perceive or apprehend what appears.
Consider for a moment how few sports allow us to apprehend the world outside our doors.
Usually applied to visual perception, gestalt psychology studies how we perceive a given scene and apprehend a whole that is always greater than the parts.
Historians, in other words, need to apprehend and to understand the rough as well as the respectable manhood of American workers.
Research has shown that a policeman plodding the streets is likely to apprehend someone committing a crime only once every 8 years.
But what controls and regulates feeling will be a wider web of feelings, which reason helps us apprehend and understand, not any reason holding authority over all feelings.