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appreciative / благодарный, признательный, умеющий ценить
имя прилагательное
grateful, thankful, appreciative
grateful, appreciative, beholden
умеющий ценить
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure.
the team is very appreciative of your support
There are patients who are appreciative of nurses helping them through their stay in hospital.
After being told I was dying, I now feel very appreciative of everything.
I had the distinct feeling that they weren't all that interested in, or appreciative of, the heritage in their charge.
The money was fantastic but, in reality, I was more appreciative of the recognition it signified.
Old people have been particularly appreciative of the girls' offers to collect pensions and do shopping.
They're very acceptable to what we're doing and appreciative of what we're doing for Scottish football.
It was too little, too late but the home support were appreciative of the late heroics even if their championship dreams were over.
Substituted in the 75th minute, he received a standing ovation from fans appreciative of his contribution.
And for once I was actually appreciative of the early finish since I've been on my feet all day.
Most people are very appreciative of what we do and that is very rewarding.