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appreciate / ценить, оценивать, понимать
appreciate, value, estimate, give, dig
evaluate, appreciate, estimate, assess, rate, measure
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, take
recognize the full worth of.
she feels that he does not appreciate her
understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of.
they failed to appreciate the pressure he was under
rise in value or price.
they expected the house to appreciate in value
we'd appreciate your coming
he doesn't appreciate music
they failed to appreciate the pressure he was under
All that having been said, my own guess is that the euro will appreciate in value.
It was a hunting lodge, and I would appreciate information about that era and also of what it was before then.
That Ming vase can sit in your study for five years or more before you see its value appreciate substantially.
If you have any of the above in your attic, they would gratefully appreciate your permission to use them on their site.
They may not appreciate its more challenging content, but they can recognise a cultural asset when they see one.
Savvy moves by Asia's newest leading ladies helped their currencies appreciate in value.
I appreciate that you cannot be held totally responsible