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appraisal / оценка
имя существительное
assessment, evaluation, rating, estimate, estimation, appraisal
имя существительное
an act of assessing something or someone.
treatment begins with a thorough appraisal of the patient's condition
Many have recognized the importance of energy in an appraisal but say they lack the necessary tools and comparisons to verify their calculations.
There is no evidence, appraisal or otherwise, to satisfy me that the value ascribed to the property in the transfer was other than by fair market value.
an appraisal system
The appraisal begins by assessing the respondents awareness of health promotion.
Based on his appraisal the value of the security has been adjusted to $665,000.
Faced with a two year old appraisal the banks I have dealt with in my practice would require an updated or new appraisal to estimate current market value.
Initially, the physician should do a health-risk appraisal of each patient.
the final figure is just a little more than triple the appraisal
Perhaps the best thing about a book value appraisal is that it's so simple.
Also, the dealer has no emotional ties to the airplane and, because of that, will give you a much more realistic appraisal of the aircraft's real value.