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apportionment / пропорциональное распределение, раскладка, разверстка
имя существительное
пропорциональное распределение
apportionment, proration
distribution, assessment, apportionment
имя существительное
the action or result of apportioning something.
an exercise in apportionment of blame
an exercise in apportionment of blame
Yet these are enumerated in the apportionment of representatives.
They are concerned to be heard on the question of apportionment of the costs as between your client and them on the basis that the legal aid funding was limited to only that aspect of the appeal where your client was in effect successful.
Difficulty of assessment or apportionment should not dictate an unjust or inappropriate costs order.
The draft arts master plan has not yet gone into funding or the apportionment of costs between the private and public sectors.
In fact we should mention the proportional representation work by him in the 1880s when he considered apportionment of representatives to districts.
The first proposed amendment dealt with Congressional apportionment , while the second addressed Congressional compensation.
An unfair apportionment limited upcountry representation in the legislature and gave the parishes more power than their population warranted.
Of course in the ordinary case there is an agreement in advance as to the apportionment so there never is such an arbitration.
The man, who felt the Court had denied the sovereign right of a state to choose its system of representation, was determined to restore state control of apportionment .