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apportion / распределять, делить, оделять
distribute, allocate, allot, share, divide, apportion
share, divide, carve, partition, whack, apportion
divide, share, separate, split up, partition, apportion
divide and allocate.
voting power will be apportioned according to contribution
Running your own shares portfolio is all about learning how to apportion your money in order to generate the best possible returns.
Should the road surface adhesion change when taking a corner, the efficient four-wheel drive system cuts in imperceptibly to apportion power according to grip and ensure that all remains under control.
It is really all a case of getting our priorities right and this will never happen if we apportion the lion's share to the military.
It is to be noted first that this regulation provides a discretionary power to apportion the benefit.
The two states that apportion electoral votes by district still gave all their votes to one of the two major-party candidates last year.
The success was divided and I am asked to apportion the 14 hours that are shown on the Bill of Costs.
Census numbers are also used to draw political districts and apportion seats in Congress.
That theory turned on the fact of a broad consensus that modern societies must allocate wealth and opportunity through economic markets and must apportion political power through the markets of multiparty elections.
Furthermore, the belief that multiple regression analyses will accurately apportion the contributions of smoking, increasing age, and other colinear factors has been shown to be unjustified.
they did not apportion blame or liability to any one individual