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appointment / назначение, прием, встреча
имя существительное
purpose, destination, appointment, administration, assignment, use
reception, acceptance, method, appointment, device, dose
meeting, meet, appointment, gathering, bout, reception
имя существительное
an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.
she made an appointment with my receptionist
an act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone.
his appointment as president
furniture or fittings.
the room was spartan in its appointments
This is about the appointment of a second chief executive to a Taranaki public health bureaucracy.
He made an appointment for us to return to the hospital the next day to see the specialist who was treating my wife's cancer.
she made an appointment with my receptionist
I have made an appointment with the director at the mental health trust to talk through what she is looking for and see how it could fit with my career plans.
The intervening three years have failed to bring a second appointment .
Pat asked who was in a position to assess a referee from another county before his appointment .
He asked for a Sense of Council regarding her appointment to this position, and it was positive.
Students who made an appointment are asked to go back and do so again.
They hadn't made an appointment and nobody at the schools knew who they were.
she took up an appointment as head of communications