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appoint / назначать, определять, утверждать
assign, appoint, nominate, set, administer, allocate
define, determine, set, measure, designate, appoint
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, appoint
assign a job or role to (someone).
she has been appointed to the board
determine or decide on (a time or a place).
they appointed a day in May for the meeting
decide the disposal of (property of which one is not the owner) under powers granted by the owner.
trustees appoint the capital to the beneficiaries
The nephew had no child but purported to appoint the property by will.
In my view this document carries greater weight than others cited in the inquiry, for example the Tithe maps because it discharged an express obligation to set out and appoint roads.
The surviving spouse must have a power of appointment to appoint the property to the survivor's own self or estate.
‘Let us now appoint the laws by which our country may remain in peace.’
On a document being tabled, a motion may be moved without notice to appoint a day for its consideration or for it to be printed.
It isn't as though the Ambassador issued a decree saying ‘I appoint such and such.’
Complaints against decisions pertaining to assemblies shall be filed directly to the Supreme Administrative Court within 3 days of the date of delivery of the decision concerned; unless hindered from doing so by formal obstacles, the Court shall appoint the date of the hearing no later than within 7 days of the date of filing the complaint.
The first of these, the external or political kingdom of Christ in the visible church, consists in his absolute and supreme authority, to appoint the laws of his church, and rulers by these laws.
So, our submission has always been that that is a beneficial interest in the sense that he has the ability through control of the trustee company to appoint corpus or income to himself.
trustees appoint the capital to the beneficiaries