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applied / прикладной, приложенный
имя прилагательное
applied, engineering, economic, economical
applied, attached, appositional
имя прилагательное
(of a subject or type of study) put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical.
applied chemistry
make a formal application or request.
you need to apply to the local authorities for a grant
be applicable or relevant.
the offer does not apply to unionized workers
put or spread (something) on a surface.
the sealer can be applied to new wood
give one's full attention to a task; work hard.
The fact is girls study harder and apply themselves to tasks more.
bring or put into operation or practical use.
the oil industry has failed to apply appropriate standards of care
Science and environmental studies support it, and applied health studies made course evaluations available to students this term.
The book is weaker in the chapters in which the authors examine the applied issues of legal pluralism.
This is a fair and thorough study that makes a significant contribution to applied Christian ethics and practical theology.
The overall goal was to introduce the students to both oral and written presentations of applied chemistry research.
Other than for applied studies in a limited set of fields, research receives little attention or funding.
We work on a mixture of applied and wacky theoretical stuff.
Decision making has been a classic topic of academic research and applied practice.
The results of this study have both applied and theoretical implications.
He practised an applied moral and social philosophy in his attitude towards technology.
Extruding twice was done only to increase the concentration of food waste in the final mixture and is not recommended as an applied practice.