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applicator / аппликатор
имя существительное
имя существительное
a device used for inserting something or for applying a substance to a surface.
When you insert cotton-tipped applicators or tissues in your ear, the wax is just pushed deeper into the ear canal.
David is a licensed pesticide applicator and a certified professional agronomist with the American Society of Agronomy.
He is the only custom applicator applying both dry fertilizer and anhydrous.
He estimates having this information on hand saves about 15 minutes per load, which can quickly add up to three or four hours a day in saved time for each applicator .
A plane crash two years ago took the life of a local custom applicator, creating a need for someone to carry on a strip-tillage, zone-banding fertilizer service that the applicator shared with the co-op.
The cone applicator was inserted into a mirror clamp and directed to the treatment site.
It is highly recommended that fumigation be done by a commercial pesticide applicator who has been trained and EPA / NDA-certified in safe fumigant handling and application techniques.
Fumigants are dangerous, restricted-use pesticides and may require gas monitoring devices and respirator protection for the applicator .
A local brick supplier in your phonebook should be consulted for a product and professional applicator .
Because some are more liquid than others and flow quickly out of the bottle, it's advisable to pour them into a needlenose applicator or to pour a small amount onto a plastic lid and use a pin, needle or toothpick to apply it.
I live in Dalby, which is near Stu's house, and I'm the aerial applicator or the cropduster who sprays juice crops.