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applicant / кандидат, претендент, проситель
имя существительное
candidate, applicant, aspirant, contender, postulant, expectant
applicant, challenger, contender, pretender, claimant, aspirant
supplicant, petitioner, applicant, suppliant, prayer, suitor
имя существительное
a person who makes a formal application for something, typically a job.
Now is the time to take stock and think about what needs to be done for customers, employees and job applicants .
The applicant has considered other sites and has rejected them all for different reasons.
The applicant contends that the council acted unlawfully on a number of grounds.
a job applicant
It follows that there is a duty on the applicant to present the case against each respondent fairly.
At interview, the applicant gave an account which he subsequently agreed was false.
That is a lot of use to the applicant when the applicant is not in Australia, is it not?
Present incumbents were required to compete with new applicants for these positions.
He said there was always four to five applicants per Council house in the Tramore area.
The applicants made no submissions on the law or facts in relation to this submission.
The first stage of reducing the number of applicants for a job is to look at aspects such as loyalty.