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appliance / прибор, устройство, приспособление
имя существительное
device, instrument, appliance, apparatus, gear, implement
device, arrangement, system, appliance, structure, mechanism
device, adaptation, accommodation, adjustment, attachment, appliance
имя существительное
a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one.
electrical and gas appliances
the action or process of bringing something into operation.
the appliance of science could increase crop yields
I remember well, but to go back to the time this handy appliance wasn't part of every kitchen's equipment is practically unthinkable now.
The odd thing is that since I wrote that piece I've seen that very 1960s vintage appliance two or three times on TV.
As our 50-plus years in business would suggest we are always pleased to offer advice about any domestic appliance .
I checked with an electrician who said that appliances thrive in cold, and I placed every appliance in the freezer overnight.
Seizing what seems to be an ordinary domestic appliance , he energetically attacks the prostrate form on the table.
It's not the latest designer outfit or high-end household appliance - it's technology.
If you answer ‘yes’ it would allow you to make choices, such as a vehicle, household appliance , garden equipment, and so on.
There was a time when one had to hop from shop to shop, verify prices and settle on one shop for each domestic appliance .
With refrigerators, perhaps the most costly household appliance , production in China overtook that of the US in 2000.
He was particularly animated about the need for less process and more appliance of the code according to relationships, dialogue and trust between the board and its investors.