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applause / аплодисменты, рукоплескания, одобрение
имя существительное
applause, cheering, clapping, cheers, cheer, plaudit
applause, plaudits, handclap, plaudit
OK, approval, approbation, okay, acceptance, applause
имя существительное
approval or praise expressed by clapping.
they gave him a round of applause
Strangely the crowd gave this the same polite applause as they had to the other points he had made.
The applause rippling around the stadium was for more than just a piece of accomplished defending.
The council takes a lot of knocking, but on this occasion their efforts demand nothing but applause .
I would like a round of applause for remembering all the right letters in the right words while being drunk.
there was loud applause
The applause will be loud and long in deserved praise of a man and his family who have done so much for Scottish boxing.
Attacking the bastions of privilege is still the easiest way for a politician to win a cheap round of applause .
Already there is a low buzz of excitement, punctuated by the occasional outbreak of applause .
Her advice to the youth on the virtues of hard work and diligence won a hearty round of applause .
let's have a round of applause for the women!