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applaud / аплодировать, рукоплескать, одобрять
applaud, clap, cheer, acclaim, chirrup
applaud, clap
approve, endorse, welcome, applaud, sanction, countenance
show approval or praise by clapping.
the crowd whistled and applauded
First off, not all the Jesus crowd is against the concept, so I applaud you people.
Only a man who loved someone beyond their looks could get over this hurdle and for that I applaud him.
The work here is critical to humankind and we need to applaud the people who work here rather than abuse them.
This is a victory for commonsense and we want to applaud the Minister for standing with the people on this issue.
They begin to applaud loudly, their hands coming together to form a symphony all its own.
It was insecurity, she argues, that led him into the trap of trying to be what people would applaud him for being.
She read over them all, and pronounced them good, applauding her employees and their approval of what they were doing.
It applauds guest worker programs and expanded voting rights for noncitizen immigrants.
I was being wheeled off the basketball court and the fans were applauding loudly, a sound that could only make my head throb even more.
If this is a step toward full cooperation then we all should be applauding him.