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appetizing / аппетитный, вкусный, вызывающий аппетит
имя прилагательное
appetizing, mouth-watering, palatable, savory, yummy, savoury
tasty, savory, yummy, palatable, nice, appetizing
вызывающий аппетит
имя прилагательное
stimulating one's appetite.
the appetizing aroma of sizzling bacon
The fragrance of roasted meat drifts into your nostrils, appetizing and mouthwatering.
Some appetizing soups follow to create more place for tasty fare ahead.
The Waffle Cone Sundae, mixed with a topping of your choice and decorated with fresh whipped cream, is a nice appetizing dessert.
Only the crisp skin was appetizing , while the fish lacked the aroma of the wine.
The secret, according to some customers, is the addition of mince radish, which gives the tzongtze a unique and appetizing aroma.
There were so many appetizing choices, Nikki said, she couldn't decide which one to order.
They reached the backdoor and Hanna and Eric walked inside, the appetizing aroma of baking floating in the air.
The smoky haze and appetizing aroma from barbecues greets visitors as they are ushered onto rooftops for a taste of a range of sizzlers, steaks and grills.
The food on the hot counter looked about as appetizing as a row of sun-dried cow pats.
It is biodegradable and not appetizing to mice and insects, which is a problem for packaging made from corn and potatoes.