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appendix / приложение, добавление, аппендикс
имя существительное
application, annex, appendix, supplement, enclosure, addendum
addition, appendix, supplementation, supplement, extension, adjunction
имя существительное
a tube-shaped sac attached to and opening into the lower end of the large intestine in humans and some other mammals.
The inside of the appendix forms a cul-de-sac that usually opens into the large intestine.
a section or table of additional matter at the end of a book or document.
His recipe for this amalgam is included as an appendix to the present book.
Below is an appendix to the first essay I'm working on mentioned in the previous post.
There are two matters which I wish to add by way of an appendix to this judgment.
I'm merely standing in while Stella is having her appendix out
I found the appendix normal, but next to the appendix there was a caecum which had very strange, greasy patches.
a list of such activities was published as an appendix to the report
A list of categories of classified information was voted as an appendix to the act.
Oral evidence was given by 27 witnesses whose names and employment are listed in an appendix to this decision.
This is a rare tumour that usually affects the appendix or the small intestine.
It is this omission which prompts question 5 as set out in the appendix to this judgment.
In the appendix to the chapter he suggests the standard deviation as a measure of risk.