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appendectomy / аппендэктомия, удаление аппендикса
имя существительное
удаление аппендикса
имя существительное
a surgical operation to remove the appendix.
This operation is called an appendicectomy or appendectomy.
Unlike her predecessors, Ms D scrubbed for only one surgical procedure, an appendectomy , the entire time she was in Vietnam.
The most common abdominal operation performed on an emergency basis is the appendectomy , which is performed more than 250,000 times annually in the United States.
Appendicitis is treated by removing the inflamed appendix through an appendectomy .
There also are reports of adenocarcinoma of the appendix presenting as a mucinous cystadenoma; therefore, an appendectomy should be performed at the time of surgery.
It was possible that it might be needed for an emergency appendectomy being undertaken by the ship's surgeon while at sea.
she had been rushed into hospital for an emergency appendectomy
no history of abdominal surgery other than appendectomy
For example, a general surgery session may include a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendectomy , and major bowel procedure.
Only two years previously, I had undergone an emergency appendicectomy .
All patients who underwent laparotomy or laparoscopy for suspected appendicitis had an appendicectomy .