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appendage / придаток, привесок, приложение
имя существительное
appendage, adjunct, appendix, appurtenant, appurtenance, affix
application, annex, appendix, supplement, enclosure, appendage
имя существительное
(often with negative or pejorative connotations) a thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important.
they treat Scotland as a mere appendage of England
The word compromise had no place in her vocabulary - she lived on her terms and when she could no longer do so, she preferred to die rather than become an appendage to someone else's life.
He deeply dislikes the implicit idea that a wife is a lesser appendage to her husband.
The college-distance 3-pointer always has seemed an illogical and unnecessary appendage to a wonderful game.
One of the ways that management continues to be defined, then, is as an appendage to a technical specialism, or as a technical specialism in its own right.
Consequently, feathering will not be able to produce the asymmetry necessary for the rowing appendage to generate net thrust.
The tiny structure was an appendage to a larger house Matt had bought, intending to use the lesser quarters as a rental property.
The feather is a skin appendage , like hair, that grows as a unique hollow tube from a follicle by the controlled proliferation of cells in a ring.
Some critics regard the didactic second part as an appendage to an earlier secular poem; others see the whole as an allegorical representation of human exile from God on the sea of life.
The claim of self-sufficiency cannot be contingent upon an appendage to another human being considered superior.
The damage to the car itself is settled between insurers, apart from the excess on the motorist's policy, which he may not trouble to pursue except as an appendage to a larger claim.