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append / добавлять, присоединять, прилагать
add, add to, append, supplement, throw in, tag
join, add, attach, append, annex, affiliate
apply, enclose, append, annex, inclose, tag
add (something) as an attachment or supplement.
the results of the survey are appended to this chapter
Regarding the latter, I feel compelled to append it with the phrase, ‘but with a certain mischievous, devil may care, and oft attractive demeanour’
The second thing is annotation - the ability to append external data onto web resources (like, for instance, adding a comment to someone's web page).
Attackers changed a configuration setting called the ‘enable document footer’ feature, which is used to append files to webpages.
To that I will, not being member of the Archdiocese of Chicago, have to append the following letter.
Changing the subject is easy… you just introduce it in a new email or append it to a reply to an existing thread.
Realistic solutions need to be effected, and I append a suggested list of items for serious consideration by our representatives as follows.
Every political handicapper longs to append the word ‘front-runner’ to one of the candidates.
Most of the reports either omit the rest of the quotation entirely, or append it elsewhere, as though they weren't part of one long, multi-clause sentence.
Often I write out my Vicar's Report for the benefit of the secretary, so he can append it to the minutes; but last night I was speaking more ad lib from scribbled notes.
This decision was given the legal sanction in a rather drab ritual at the marriage registrar's office, with a few friends to witness and append their signatures on the documents as required.