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appellation / название, имя, наречение
имя существительное
name, title, designation, denomination, appellation, denotation
name, first name, given name, forename, Christian name, appellation
имя существительное
a name or title.
the city fully justifies its appellation “the Pearl of the Orient.”
an appellation contrôlée.
One of a first-rate series of wines from Burgundy, all sold under the Blason de Bourgogne label, this Mconnais white outperforms its appellation .
in France, the modern trend of blending is evident, hence the Vin de Pays d' Oc appellation that allows wines to be blended from the entire southern regions of Languedoc and Roussillon.
Bight on Cabernet's heels are Merlot and, in the cooler, southern end of the valley (known as Carneros, an appellation Napa shares with Sonoma), Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Chablis Grand Cru is the least Chablis-like wine produced in the appellation , particularly when mature.
Though the San Joaquin Valley was once regarded as the stepchild of the wine industry, the Madera appellation is proudly displayed on labels today.
Worse still (‘mate’ being a pretty working-class appellation , after all), is this a symptom of snobbery which my school, despite my best efforts, succeeded in indoctrinating me with?
At the summit of the Sauternes appellation is the world famous Chateau d' Yquem.
Although AOC is often a sign of quality, other products don't carry the appellation , since they may be made in a neighboring region, or a slightly larger size, or stirred a few more times than the regulations allow during production.
While it may be tempting to call this a folk record, its instrumentation is generally too ornate for that genre appellation .
Reserve wines can be either of declared geographical origin, or of controlled appellation of origin.
She had wanted her cat to be known by a less common appellation .