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appearance / появление, внешний вид, вид
имя существительное
appearance, emergence, emerging, apparition, emersion, forthcoming
внешний вид
appearance, aspect, form, face, outward, presence
view, kind, form, look, appearance, species
имя существительное
the way that someone or something looks.
I like the appearance of stripped antique pine
an act of performing or participating in a public event.
he is well-known for his television appearances
an act of becoming visible or noticeable; an arrival.
the sudden appearance of her daughter startled her
it had all the appearance of having been an accident
The life of two brothers is shattered by the sudden appearance of their father, who they know only from a 10-year-old photograph.
Yet there was the Queen of spin herself, backing the party's credentials by making a cameo appearance on our television screens dressed as a tea lady.
He is tanned in appearance and has slightly long, dark hair.
the appearance of the Virgin Mary
It is difficult to reconstruct in their fullness the ways of light in bazaars before the appearance of electricity.
Now the appearance of colour-screen mobile phones has raised new tasks for them.
I like the appearance of stripped antique pine
After the deed is done, the time has arrived for the appearance of the detective.
at first appearance