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appear / появляться, казаться, предстать
appear, show up, emerge, turn up, show, arise
seem, appear, sound, look, show, bulk
come into sight; become visible or noticeable, typically without visible agent or apparent cause.
smoke appeared on the horizon
seem; give the impression of being.
she appeared not to know what was happening
They wait over 21 years for one to arrive and two appear in the same season.
the paperback edition didn't appear for another two years
Also, as a tip, your visible text should appear as close to the top of your HTML code as possible.
Volumes of harp airs also began to appear , published in London.
the paperback edition didn't appear for another two years
Colours that were not previously apparent subtly appear as the eye focuses on the space between colours.
It would appear that one of Earth's rarest bird species might have gone extinct.
he didn't want to appear a fool
Every once and a while she would fall out of sight, only to appear again just within reach of his eyes.
Star sportsmen like him expect to appear on the back pages of the newspapers.