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appealing / привлекательный, умоляющий, подкупающий
имя прилагательное
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, catching
appealing, pleading, begging, imploring, beseeching, supplicant
имя прилагательное
attractive or interesting.
the rural life is somehow more appealing
(of an expression or tone of voice) showing that one wants help or sympathy.
an appealing look
make a serious or urgent request, typically to the public.
police are appealing for information about the incident
apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court.
he said he would appeal against the conviction
be attractive or interesting.
the range of topics will appeal to youngsters
His kindness, his gentleness and his intelligence, which she had foolishly deplored as somehow unromantic, now suddenly seemed very appealing and attractive.
A publicist is to the arts what the man with the bucket and scoop is to a circus; an attempt to make things look fresh, appealing and attractive.
There's no garden feature quite so appealing and attractive to an idle peasant as a seat under a tree.
Keepers of forest are also very appealing and attractive to the eye, and can show a deep friendship if you befriend them.
‘Many found reason less appealing than enchantment,’ she writes.
Hopefully more people will use the route for exercise and it can also be marketed as an appealing attraction from a tourist point of view.
Taking the lead are small landowners or Western farmers who make appealing pleas to be left alone to enjoy their property and take care of it conscientiously.
Every candidate has one and it should be worked on and refined so it can be told in an interesting and appealing way.
The dishes above are already designed to have appealing colors for beautiful presentation, so just put them together.
He had to admit, it was a pretty appealing daydream.