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apparition / призрак, видение, появление
имя существительное
ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, wraith, spook
vision, seeing, apparition, dream, wraith
appearance, emergence, emerging, apparition, emersion, forthcoming
имя существительное
a ghost or ghostlike image of a person.
Throughout history there have been reports of ghosts, apparitions and spiritual visitations, both angelic and demonic.
It's something he has never seen before in these waters, but as quickly it appeared, the apparition is gone.
Miranda, not her, but a ghostly apparition of what she was, rose up on the roof of the car.
Glancing from the window in the early evening, a splendid apparition met his gaze.
Another friend said that he saw an apparition of an elderly man carrying a body and it appeared to be headless and armless.
Jupiter has had a brilliant yearlong apparition , but sky watchers are running out of time to view it.
Some ten per cent of the population claim to have seen a ghost or some other apparition that seems completely invisible to others.
an apparition of the Virgin Mary
They thought He was a ghost, a phantasm, an apparition , a spirit, anything except their Master.
She gasped, momentarily confused by the apparition that appeared before her.
In the final apparition , the angel appeared holding the Eucharist.