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Транскрипция и произношение слова "apparently" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

apparently / видимо, очевидно, явно
apparently, evidently, visibly, conspicuously
obviously, clearly, apparently, evidently, patently
obviously, apparently, evidently, visibly, patently, decidedly
likely, probably, apparently, most likely, very likely, doubtless
apparently, evidently, all appearance, all appearances, seemingly, clearly
as far as one knows or can see.
the child nodded, apparently content with the promise
she apparently has a book coming out soon
The girl who was apparently attacked is being talked to, quietly, away from the others.
That opinion, held apparently by some on the American right, is wretched and craven.
Personally I wanted to stay in and write my blog, but apparently that wasn't an option.
There is apparently no common theme to the show, and each of the artists is able to shine as an individual.
This is no longer the case, and apparently has never been, according to the woman herself.
they lied apparently
Audiences were in single figures until the final week, when apparently he improved a bit.
The assailants apparently fled after firing on several homes in the settlement.
They travel well, apparently , so like the Scots, you will find them all over the world.