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apparatus / аппарат, аппаратура, прибор
имя существительное
apparatus, machine, device, machinery, instrument, staff
equipment, apparatus, hardware, facilities, outfit
device, instrument, appliance, apparatus, gear, implement
имя существительное
the technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose.
laboratory apparatus
a complex structure within an organization or system.
the apparatus of government
a collection of notes, variant readings, and other matter accompanying a printed text.
A celebrated advantage of electronic editions of early modern literature is their capacity for representing multiple states of the text while avoiding a critical apparatus that relegates variants to footnotes.
Six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went into the smoke-logged building and had to force an entry into the rooms to make sure the building was evacuated.
Brigade policy is that all facial hair must be within the empty space of a face mask and must not interfere with the wearing of breathing apparatus by coming into contact with the rubber surround.
I can testify that the bibliographical apparatus in many articles is unsatisfactory and out-of-date.
Fire crews, using breathing apparatus , had to search the building and ensure no persons were either trapped or seriously injured by the blaze.
They will be wearing breathing apparatus and protective equipment.
one thing about the book's apparatus does irritate: the absence of an index of titles
Cardiological equipment, surgical and orthopaedic instruments, respiratory equipment, and diagnostic apparatus are among the primary imports.
This repetition of the oath in the editorial apparatus suggests a critical dis-ease with the play's most embodied speech-act.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus dragged a man from the inferno before using hose reels to douse the flames in a 70-minute operation.
It does not help that the scholarly apparatus betrays an equally infirm commitment to rigour.