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apparatchik / аппаратчик
имя существительное
a member of a communist party apparat.
You write that in four of these five states the current rulers are former apparatchiks of the Communist Party.
‘Oh well, you know how busy she is, being a minister’, simpers her constituency apparatchik when you try to contact her.
With the political journalists, the fun in reading them is trying to work out which politician, apparatchik or bureaucrat they've been speaking to.
This apparatchik added looking at the academics who were commanded to attend: ‘If there is anyone here against democracy, I shall smash his face’.
Global pundits will find endless flaws, and many a Washington apparatchik may be troubled by the election's outcome.
And where are the political thinkers, as opposed to the apparatchiks ?
Over the past 6 years, he got used to having his way in the party-whether by sulking at the mildest of criticism, or by cracking the whip on apparatchiks .
It draws its core membership from an aspiring petty bourgeois layer of career politicians, apparatchiks and trade union functionaries who will swallow anything in order further their own privileged existence.
Clearly, there is no place in all of this for court painters to undertake ‘influential interventions’ on behalf of bewildered litigants, or for sentences to be carried out by furtive apparatchiks in some distant quarry.
Blogging politicians are always going to be seen as a little bit like those old Communist apparatchiks who had to sit in the front row at rock concerts and pretend to swing to the beat.
Curators, artists, dealers and art world apparatchiks seemed all, for once, to be speaking with the same voice.