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appal / ужасать, устрашать, приводить в ужас
terrify, horrify, appall, appal, dismay, affright
intimidate, daunt, appal, appall
приводить в ужас
appall, appal
Xu was so appalled at the news that she decided to quit her habit of eating at roadside food stands.
Pensioners' charities and lobby groups are appalled at the problems we are storing up for the future.
My mother was appalled that we had even contemplated taking Percy to the vet to be put down.
He would also have been appalled that homegrown players had so quickly adopted the cheating tendency.
One mother of two boys, said she had been appalled at the choice of subject matter.
He looked shocked and appalled by this and turned his attention onto Alex.
I came back hoping to hear good things and I am appalled that it has fallen apart this way.
Residents in Victoria Street were today appalled that such a crime occurred on their doorsteps.
It was things like the absence of drinks and the sheer lack of respect for elderly people, which appalled me.
Should they be appalled because of the lack of respect the artist has shown towards a human body?