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apotheosis / апофеоз, обожествление, прославление
имя существительное
deification, apotheosis, cult
glorification, apotheosis, blazon
имя существительное
the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.
his appearance as Hamlet was the apotheosis of his career
death spared Pompey the task of having to account for the apotheosis of Caesar
After the worldwide youth movement of the 1960's reached its apotheosis , it sounded quite good to have some ‘grown-ups in charge.’
For many, this record is the apotheosis of musical genius.
I don't believe, I never did actually, in the great apotheosis where everything collapses in one night you know, as the French says, ‘Le Grand Soir,’ the great evening.
‘It was certainly the most satisfying moment of my life,’ he said later, the apotheosis of a career which had many highs and indelible lows.
This is the supreme apotheosis of the oxymoron.
His famous objection to the apotheosis of the bald eagle as the new nation's symbol is characteristic.
I have long sung his praises but his work on this play, a work he admits in a programme note is close to his heart, must rank as the apotheosis of his career so far, though I have to say I tremble as to what he will present us with next year.
Is 22 the apotheosis of world-weary sophistication?
It's the apotheosis of the junk-yard-thrown-at-the-wall, but there aren't any pitchforks or old license plates; nothing but painted tin signs and restored neon.