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apostle / апостол, поборник
имя существительное
apostle, disciple
champion, protagonist, devotee, apostle, vindicator, combatant
имя существительное
each of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ.
This is evident in the lives of the prophets, John the Baptist, the Apostles and the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
Paul, the apostle , says we are ‘new creatures’ once we have taken that step of faith..
Meanwhile, the apostle Paul says, unambiguously, that we're justified by faith apart from words, because the whole argument of his thrust is that Christ's death on the cross looks after all of our sins.
While the idea of human improvement may be implicit in notions of renaissance, he was anything but an apostle of the idea of progress.
I mean, God had taken me a murderer, and I feel that he's made me into a minister, just like he's done to the apostle Paul.
She, too, felt multiple calls; indeed, she felt all calls at once: ‘I feel the vocation of the warrior, the priest, the apostle , the doctor, the martyr,’ she wrote.
So the apostle unveils Christ as Lord and unlocks the truth of Scripture, and lives a credible godly life in his ministry.
In this spiritual and apostolic journey, St. Paul, an apostle of Gentiles, is the model for our lives.
Some readers think he's a demonic force for mediocrity, others believe he's an apostle of decent design for the masses.
He would not have allowed women like Priscilla, Paul the apostle 's business partner, to be called as a deacon.
He had to come and defend his teaching as an apostle of Jesus Christ among those churches.