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apostasy / отступничество, вероотступничество, ренегатство
имя существительное
apostasy, defection, backsliding, recreancy, tergiversation, abjuration
apostasy, backsliding
apostasy, defection, tergiversation
имя существительное
the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief.
Any verbal denial of any principle of Muslim belief is considered apostasy .
This refrain must be one of the most lyrical expressions of political apostasy ever written.
To believe something with a perfect faith, to be incapable of apostasy , is a sign of fidelity to the group and loyalty to the cause.
On the contrary, they clearly conflict on issues of intra-group dissent such as proselytization, apostasy , heresy, and mandatory education.
As the prosecutor called for the death penalty, accusing the editor of apostasy , the abandonment of the faith, the sentence appeared to have been a compromise.
When lack of assent begins to appear, it may not indicate heresy or apostasy , but herald dramatic development.
To return to Tom's original point: his lamenting my apostasy now implies that I once indeed had the gift of salvation.
It's not so much God versus Satan as a war between faith and doubt, between belief and apostasy .
the execution of their leader for apostasy brought widespread criticism
It is very difficult to find discussion of heresy or apostasy or even of dissent in Asian thought and literature.
Excommunication would mean the church is getting rid of me, but when a Catholic decides to leave, it's called apostasy .