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apoplexy / апоплексия, паралич, инсульт
имя существительное
apoplexy, fit of apoplexy
paralysis, palsy, stroke, apoplexy
insult, apoplexy, attack
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, apoplexy
паралич органа
имя существительное
unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.
In modern usage, apoplexy and stroke are synonymous terms, referring to sudden and lasting impairment of brain function caused by obstruction of or haemorrhage from the cerebral blood vessels.
On more than one occasion, he is said to have frothed at the mouth in a screaming rage, and is even known to have chewed the straw on the floor in apoplexy .
He set every stone with his own hands and on coming ashore at the end of June, he complained of illness and died of apoplexy on July 6.
This has the eventual effect of sending someone into apoplexy if it remains unanswered long enough.
And rather conveniently, there is every chance that the drive to get to one will have put you in just the right mood: apoplexy .
But his methods are so boneheaded and his argument so incoherent, it's impossible to tell what he wants to do besides humiliate his actors, insult lesbians and drive his defenders into a state of apoplexy .
He was stricken with apoplexy and died the next day.
Browne died of apoplexy
In the whirl of fugitives an old senator raised his hands to his bald head, purple with apoplexy , and collapsed against the marble seat behind him.
Having thrown the dictionary into the nearest skip in a rage of apoplexy at its inadequacy, however, I resolve to plough on nonetheless.
The Sovereigns, still in apoplexy over the betrayal, promised their favor to the man who brought the Traitor back alive.