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apologetics / апологетика
имя существительное
имя существительное
reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.
I can't read Lewis now; I devoured him as a young man, as a young priest, I loved his kind of argumentative certainties, his apologetics ; can't stand it now.
He demonstrates this by taking up two topics often seen as points of divergence and conflict: apologetics and biblical exegesis.
The husband is a convert, obsessed by apologetics , church history, and doctrine - something of a pious cold fish.
But it's astounding that a man who specializes in supposedly scientific apologetics , makes fundamental errors with even high-school level genetics.
Even unapologetic apologetics can distort the content of the theology.
apologetics for the slave trade are quite out of order
This is not Catholic or Christian apologetics , but serious and sophisticated scholarship.
During the same period he also taught apologetics , church history, and patristics in the Bergamo seminary and had to survive a brief and unjust accusation of sympathy with Modernists.
The editor of this collection of essays contends that the standard works in seminary apologetics have become dated in light of contemporary developments in analytical philosophy.
Various forms of theistic apologetics serve this function (among others).
Perhaps Dostoyevsky owes his unique brand of confrontational apologetics to this messy faith.