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apologetic / извиняющийся, апологетический, примирительный
имя прилагательное
apologetic, apologetical
apologetic, apologetical
apologetic, conciliatory, reconciliatory, deprecatory, propitiatory, pacificatory
имя прилагательное
regretfully acknowledging or excusing an offense or failure.
she was very apologetic about the whole incident
имя существительное
a reasoned argument or writing in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.
free market apologetics
When Skye glared at him, he tried an apologetic smile.
The typist smiles to himself as the story returns like an apologetic lover, penitent, regretful and contrite.
We are not apologetic about her choice.
Liz's face altered from smiling and cheerful to regretful and apologetic .
"Don't be apologetic , Trunk."
Defending, the lawyer said his client was apologetic and very much regretted the incident.
Trying his best to be polite without having too say too much, Phillip pushed his way through the crowd, giving apologetic smiles to indignant ladies being pushed.
Yet there is, as a matter of fact if not doctrine, an inherent tendency in religious apologetic to suppose that redemption emerges from suffering.
Diana huffed and I gave her an apologetic smile.
The shrug is hardly perceptible, the smile almost apologetic .