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apolitical / аполитичный
имя прилагательное
apolitical, unpolitical
имя прилагательное
not interested or involved in politics.
a former apolitical housewife
This means that the monarchy is apolitical and impartial.
Even films that purport to be bland or apolitical are political in their intentions.
Though originally avowed as apolitical , politics keeps intruding in these pages.
It means abandoning the idea that judges can ever be reliably apolitical .
But his actions since his election have been far from apolitical .
It's very easy in the United States or any of the parliamentary democracies to live an apolitical life.
The population is very apolitical , except for the nationalists.
If high politics often seems strangely apolitical , everyday life is extraordinarily politicised.
We spent the next few minutes talking about the sad state of the nation and about how many apolitical older folk are now taking a stand.
Also, the public service used to be apolitical , but I am afraid we cannot say that today.