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apocalyptic / апокалиптический, апокалипсический
имя прилагательное
apocalyptic, apocalyptical
имя прилагательное
describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.
the apocalyptic visions of ecologists
But as apocalyptic literature has come in for criticism, so has utopian-by anti-utopians, often satirists.
Galactica makes multiple references to the day in the form of apocalyptic destruction, burnt fire-fighters and the grotesque immediacy of bodies tumbling into space.
The army is ferrying in troops, but they are facing apocalyptic destruction, entire neighborhoods razed to the ground.
Despairing, however, that he would only be remembered as a political satirist and not a genuine artist in his own right, he changed his subject matter to romantic landscapes or apocalyptic visions of the future.
All Western democracies are now acutely aware of the apocalyptic consequences of a well-orchestrated attack on high-profile facilities.
Again, the only real cure to this neurosis, which is apparently taking on apocalyptic proportions, would be for him to feel good about himself.
He suspects this support is based on a reading of Christian prophecy that requires an apocalyptic war in the Middle East as the precondition for Christ's return.
There is nothing, in short, inherently Jewish or Christian or Muslim about apocalyptic imagery.
The cover picture shows the apocalyptic moment when Albion rises from his rock and sees the vision of the land as Jerusalem, having subdued and reunited the Four Zoas.
It might also be seen as a prologue to the twentieth century's proliferation of apocalyptic literary imagery.